Wow…a Coach too?? Yes!

I am a USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach! With an extensive 20+ year background of massage therapy, athletic training, kinesiology, exercise physiology, personal training, teaching, and more; so coaching seemed like a natural progression. I had been helping athletes and their coaches with the recovery aspect of racing and training, as well as returning to training post injury. I decided to be legitimize what I was already doing even more, by becoming a Certified Coach. I develop training and race plans, work with individuals and groups of multiple levels and ages to achieve their racing and training goals, aid with injury prevention and management, and help to develop better form.

I am not looking to transform the world of fitness, training, and racing…just help you with yours! I have bookshelves, file folders, and a computer FULL of resources. What does this mean? Not too much… Sure you can get a training plan online, you can train with a group, you can buy a book, or even read a blog (haha!), but not all of those will you receive the individualized attention to YOUR goals. My goal is you.

One thing we can count on is that our bodies will change as we age. I once saw a sign on an old historic hotel in Chicago that read something like this “we refuse to grow old gracefully, pardon our dust as we fight it every step of the way during our renovations”. This may not be the exact quote, but it has stayed with me. There are other quotes similar to this that do as well. Trust me, you will see some posts about them. Never too old (or too young) to try! Lifestyle modifications, healthy choices, efficient recovery and training, are the main components of this plan to live the life you want and to love it! Make it happen!!!

More to come!

Welcome to Urban Well Chic Coaching:


with Michelle at Pleasant Prairie Triathlon (turned Duathlon) 2016


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