Urban Wellness Chicago is a studio offering a variety of Therapeutic Massage modalities, Wellness Services, & More!!! All of our therapists are well educated and fully licensed. We offer a variety of hours 7 days a week with several therapists. We look forward to seeing you! We are conveniently located in Bucktown by the Damen Blue Line El stop.

1564 North Damen Avenue  Suite 207 Chicago, IL 60622    773.567.0237

A selection of some of the services offered at UWC. *Note that a few services are not offered by all of the LMTs.

Swedish Massage

A full body massage helps relaxation, improves local tissue circulation, increases range of motion, & relieves stress & muscle tension. Enjoy absolute relaxation.

Deep Tissue/Myofascial

Deep tissue is a general category of massage that focuses on approaches to realign & release the body’s deeper layers of muscles & fascial connective tissue. Session is specifically designed to alleviate chronic muscle tension or injury of the body.

Sports Massage

Uses specific techniques designed to provide therapeutic impact for the unique physical needs of sport. Maintenance, pre & post event massage, & rehabilitation techniques to assist the healing tissues. Stretching & mobilization techniques are used. Energizing.

Therapeutic Massage

Stimulates weak, inactive muscles; therefore partially compensating for lack of activity & exercise resulting from illness or injury. Regular sessions may aid in recovery from exercise or injury.

*Pregnancy Massage

Massage can help ease the aches and pains one may experience as the body changes during pregnancy. Therapist has received specialized training in this modality.

*Thai Massage

The client lies fully clothed on a futon style mat. The therapist uses a series of passive stretching exercises to energize and increase range of motion while also working energy or Sen Lines of the body. Therapist has specialized training.

*Kinesio Taping & Power Taping Methods

Special Tape is applied over and around muscles in order to assist and give support to or prevent over-contraction. Application of tension to the tape or the target area creates space under the skin to create the desired effect on the tissue (improvement of circulation) etc.

UWC is making some changes so keep checking for our refurbished website & online scheduling!



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