2012 was my “rookie” triathlete year.  I have been working with athletes of all kinds, including triathletes for quite some time now.  I am not sure EXACTLY what made me decide, as only a year prior to my decision I believed that I wouln’t even run if someone was chasing me…but I did.  I decided to run…to bike…even to SWIM!

I was the little girl that cried her eyes out and hid in her sister’s closet so I wouln’t have to go to my swim lessons at the local pool.  I did not want to be a Wee Woozle (what is a woozle?)  I did not want to go early in the morning when the sun was barely up, when the water was so cold that I would turn blue.  Most of all, I was shy. I did not want to be swimming, or doing anything in front of anyone.

Well…all of that has changed. Well most of it…

I swim…I bike…I run…

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