This is 46+ a little bit

WOW….Time flies whether you are having fun or not! Though I am happy to say I have had a lot of fun

I have been terrible with my posting on my blog…I need to share more of what I do in fact write! I didn’t want to just post about how training is or isn’t going. Dealing with an illness, and a few other things, made that “not so much fun”…but I got through it and will give more of an update on that next week…I promise!!! (and getting through all this…I ow so much to some dear friends, my family, and my other family…my Betty Squad)

I still feel like it shouldn’t even be Labor Day yet, and then I see the temperature for the weekend or hear the wind and I am forced to face reality!!!

It has been just over 3 months since I turned 46! Can you believe it? I certainly can not! Haha (sure sometimes I can, ugh!)

I have to say. 46 has had its ups and downs. Most of it though really good. Dealing with some things has helped put many other aspects into perspective for me. I am still learning my path but its coming!

My racing hasn’t been quite what I had planned…but heck the fact that I CAN do things is all I need. THAT is where the joy, the passion is…the training, the friendships, the community! I look forward to the rest of 2019 and 2020, and more…I am so blessed with so many amazing people that this has brought to my life.

I am fortunate in this life to have many people that hold me close and love me…as I do with them. I am doing the best I can to be my best self. I have said before so I will quote myself since I like it…

“I may not have an endless flow of money; I may be single; I may wake up late and throw off my entire day. I may not travel as much as I would like. I may spend too much money on my closet. I may overbook myself and forget how to say no. I may even eat a pint of ice cream forgetting that is not the serving size….and actually regret it…though only slightly. The flip side to this is endless as well. I am so fortunate to have a healthy life. I have people in this life that love me and that I can count on…and I have their back too. These amazing people (friends and family, or rather friends ARE family) are constant reminders of value. The value of life. The value of love. The value of hard work. The value of trying and even completion, or not. The value of family. The value of health. Fun. Passion. And oh so much more.”

46…FORTY-SIX! Holy CRAP! I usually have a “birthday resolution” a list of goals and markers of life. The year I somewhat blew it off. It wasn’t entirely intentional…but I will be working on that. I certainly have been. I have them in my head, just not on paper just yet. I delayed last year as well…I think because I was fearful of sharing them, even with myself!

All I know is I will be making some business changes, including growing my side project. I will be taking care of myself; making training and racing plans; and goals! I will be planning my future, both near and not as near. I will love. There will be lots of love.

This is a beautiful life and I look forward to living it, and sharing it with all of you! I am perfectly imperfect. Some of you have known me a long time, and some a short time; some of you we may have never even shared space in real life…just via social media…all are very important to me and I couldn’t be the me that I am, without the you.

Here I am…this is 46. #luckygirl


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