From “To Do” to “Ta-Da!”: Chicago Marathon Part 1

I can now call myself a Chicago Marathon Finisher. 2 weeks ago, I crossed a finish line I didn’t think I would ever cross! I have worked this event in one way shape or form for the last 25 years! Last year I decided to run it! I always thought I wouldn’t originally because I wasn’t athletic…THEN because of my schedule!

Chicago is my city! I needed to have this experience. Guess what…it was great! I had a BLAST! The days leading up to the race, were less than ideal.

This was a to do list item…now a ta-da I did it!

Several weeks before the race I realized that I was putting so much pressure on myself, between having very specific time goals and my super busy season work schedule…that I said…I want to have FUN!!! I want the experience. My first marathon was terrible with wind. I had fun, simply because there was nothing I could do about it. This one…I was going to enjoy all of it.

And I did. Sure it hurt, and I did have some goals…and others that I wold have achieved no problem. I chose to give my Dad a couple hugs as he rode his bike chasing me around to see me at certain spots (keep in mind this is a HUGE course; 26 miles winding through 29 city neighborhoods!) I wanted to high five the kids. I wanted to acknowledge my friends that came to cheer. Some even just for me (well maybe a few others!) Spectating is tough! The race is tough too…it rained for nearly 16 miles of my race! I smiled nearly the entire time. Sure sometimes it was a smile asking “are you f**king kidding me” but mostly just happy. Even when my glutes were not cooperating.

Would I do this again…absolutely! Everything from the training, to the fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Association (I raised over $2000 thanks to some amazing donors! Special thanks are coming!) and helping to coach the team, working the expo on my feet for two days, to getting others race ready, and then to gutting it out and crossing the finish!

I will be back…until then…many more races coming! Need to make some plans!!!! Triathlons…half marathons…5K…10K…an April marathon…training camps. See you out there!

Thank you to my Coach Craig, Sharri and the AlzStars, my Betty Squad, my family…and that extends to many friends! I wouldn’t be able to be me without all of you! xo

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