This is 45

I skipped out on my sort of monthly since my birthday posts. Things have been crazy, and time flying! I can not believe it’s the middle of October! I still feel like it isn’t even August yet…alright, then I go outside and it’s a bit chilly but…
So it has been a little over 3 months since I turned 45. So maybe this will be a quarterly post? Sorry distracted. Writing this on the plane flying to meet up with some of my Betty Squad and others, for our annual bike ride, volunteer event, and simply just a ton of fun! Not sure the legs, more specifically my hip and glutes are ready for the 50 miles of riding and some crazy climbs but we shall see!
Ok…3 months. 45 has been actually really good. Spring leading into summer was bit of a rocky start. Some personal things that sort of had me questioning some things. My racing wasn’t quite there; even missed a couple and changed a couple.

I am blessed. Through all of its ups and downs, I do truly have an outstanding life. I may not have an endless flow of money; I may be single; I may wake up late and throw off my entire day. I may not travel as much as I would like. I may spend too much money on my closet. I may overbook myself and forget how to say no. I may even eat a pint of ice cream forgetting that is not the serving size….and actually regret it…though only slightly. The flip side to this is endless as well. I am so fortunate to have a healthy life. I have people in this life that love me and that I can count on…and I have their back too. These amazing people (friends and family, or rather friends ARE family) are constant reminders of value. The value of life. The value of love. The value of hard work. The value of trying and even completion, or not. The value of family. The value of health. Fun. Passion. And oh so much more.

45. Single, not a bad thing. I am not alone…or lonely. No kids (by choice, sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice; story for a different day). Some people look at those two things as life markers of what one should do. I look at them as the path I took. Hey things could change tomorrow even! That is what is so beautiful in this life! We do have some choices. Sure some may be more limited, but still, they are there!

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions etc (I do something though that’s sort of fun) I typically do some sort of birthday wish list of goals. This year I am changing it up. After a whirlwind of a summer, and some delays, I am still working on completing it. I think this needs its own post…and some help from everyone! 😎

Coming soon…

IMG_3696         IMG_3667         IMG_3665548875F6-C590-4E8C-87A6-56834D4ECDBE

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ilis says:

    Love reading your thoughts
    You are 45 and so perfect even if you don’t know it


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