Planning…why am I so stressed!?!?

I am sitting here waiting for the tennis team I am working with today to finish up practice (they are outside today!) so I can finish up and head home. While I am waiting I am catching up, doing paperwork, a little online shopping, and making a plan for 2018. This is not the entire plan. 2018 will happen regardless of the plan. I am really just attempting to lay out some dates for which races, when training will start, start again, and maybe again. Planning for peak weeks in training (or an estimate). I am looking at some fun stuff too; like I can’t do this race because I have this to do etc.

I am also planning some work things. Basically moving from the 2017 to the 2018 schedule. Little things like when to send this piece of marketing out or this event.

I am also getting bombarded by emails as I am attempting to respond to other emails. When in business the pre-season marketing and end of the year into the new year stuff is overwhelming. The “as you are planning for your 2018” blah blah blah stuff. Ok I get it, and I do it too with some of my marketing….but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and unorganized…usually so much better! I am really loving the approach by some “so we sent you an email last week and you did not respond to us” REALLY???? Now you are GUILTING me into responding (ok, with one of them I did end up responding…I had forgotten to) but still! It is them trying to sell to me…if I don’t want to accept the relationship, now I have to tell them that I don’t want to? This isn’t dating! Stop trying to appeal to my sensitive side by guilting me into things. I will end up saying NO even if I don’t want to if I can’t get behind the methods. This is far different from “hey you left something behind in your cart” when shopping online. I actually LOVE that.

Then I wonder should I do this on paper? Should I even go back to a paper planner? What else do I need. How can I be more efficient with this. I used to use more post it notes. Highlighters? I like those. I wonder what the weather is like outside? Should I plan a trip? When will I do that? Where should I go? What should I start watching on Netflix. Darn I finished my lunch treat.


My view from my “office” couch while I wait. 😉

Ok…so I am rambling… I do that. A LOT. (remind me to put that on the resolution list…)

Bottom line to all this….I am having a Monday. Its not so bad, its not so good. It will get me through until Tuesday.

The race plan. The business plan. The life plan…all works in progress. The new business plans too. I am hoping 2018 will be the best year yet! Will loop you in for some feedback or when I have something to show for these efforts later 🙂

Thanks for listening! Back at it!

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