The Chicago Marathon!

For the past 24 years in one way, shape, or form I have worked the Chicago Marathon. Of course I have clients I massage in preparation before and after the race. There have been many years of volunteer service to the race itself, the massage tent (sponsored by the school I went to and then used to teach at), other organizations; I have volunteered in other capacities as well. My business has even supplied massage hours! I have worked the expo. During the past couple of years I even was a consultant and coach for a charity team very close to my heart, the ALZStars (Alzheimer’s Association).

So next year there will be a small change. I will be training and running the marathon myself! I will be fundraising for the ALZStars (and of course continue on with the team as a coach/consultant if they will have me!) So look out folks! We worried about the heat this year, next year….Blizzard! UGH. I decided its my turn. I have wonderful therapists that work with me that can help out a bit more around race day…and very supportive friends and family! This won’t be my first marathon, but will be my first HUGE endurance race.

I am excited! I look forward to registering and meeting my team. I have lots planned for them (wait until Sharri hears all that haha!)

Stay tuned, I will have other races as well that I will be training and doing…and the schedule is pretty big!

Is it too soon to be THIS excited? xo

P.S. I said it…now I am accountable.

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