Some of you have seen her. Some of you (actually only a couple of you) know her name. I have been “auditioning” it for awhile.

Yes. I name things (like ALL things-don’t ask haha!). Rhiannon is my Cervelo P2 Tri bike. Do you know where the name is from? Not Rhianna. Nope. Much cooler. Rhiannon is a Fleetwood Mac song written by a legendary Badass Beautiful woman, Stevie Nicks. To me she is on a list of even one of the OBBW (Original Badass Beautiful Women).

The lyrics were written before she joined Fleetwood Mac. There are many statements that she has made regarding her inspiration for the song, and information that coincidentally link up with the lyrics.

I have always loved this song. I often request a dear friend of mine to perform it even. On a night she sang, and I didn’t even request, I decided…yup…I think this is it. I still had to consider. I mean a name is a real commitment. A name like Rhiannon, could the P2 live up to it?

Well she sure can…she is Badass and Beautiful…

She rules her life like a bird in flight…

-Stevie Nicks

Listen to a great LIVE recording!

Stevie on Rhiannon

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