Prepping for Fall

The last couple of weeks have been amazing weather-wise; making it difficult to believe that Fall is here!


Well…if thats the look you’re going for!

Fall is football season. Fall is Marathon season. The end of Triathlon season. The prep for winter running…oh wow, so much more too! I try to go to as many Northwestern football games as possible. I work with the athletes, but I also just enjoy it too! We tailgate with the MASTER! Though a couple of weeks ago we were on our own…so went to the beach first (weird for Chicago haha!)


Northwestern Football #Bettystyle Ryan Field 9.16.17

Leaves are changing (and falling into my jeep! Top down with nice weather!) Apple picking, and pumpkins are coming!


Apple Picking at Apple Holler… #HoneycrispOnly #toomanyapples

Local triathlon season wrapped up with the North Shore Triathlon on September 17. I had the pleasure of working the swim finish. What a perfect day! I love that I am writing about that race, and still haven’t published my OWN race reports from the season…ok…this weekend, I PROMISE!


Told you…PERFECT DAY!!! North Shore Triathlon, Gilson Beach Willmette, IL 9.17.17

Outdoor markets are finishing up for the season and moving inside. Still having fun going, and just need to find some new ones to hit (or travel!) when it gets cold!

Doing some deep cleaning and purging at home…he gets to stay, but also warming things up with a new rug. Gib seems to like.


Gibson Fall 2017 on the new rug we get to keep…

Work is busy with everyone finishing up marathon training and getting ready for the big day…then recovery.


Covering her Bees Knees with a little Rocktape.

Paddle boarding will continue for a bit longer, as with a wetsuit it will help with warmth, and the water isn’t awful. The wind is the problem on some days…or forgetting the paddle. UGH! Beach days whenever I can get them. Its nice to sit on the beach in September…in CHICAGO!

I can’t forget Fall Tennis Meets!


And always the right time of year for some new boots.


coming soon…

And time for some new/old dresses…need some sleeves!


Also coming soon…

That’s all ya’ll…catch you soon. (yes I promise)  xoxo

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