Playing Dress-Up or Living Dress-Up?

I am not quite sure when it all began really. Difficult to say. This has been a part of me as long as I can remember. Trying on Mom’s shoes. Always carrying around purses and trying on hats. IMG_1072Wearing my Grandmother’s jewelry. Some of my earliest memories were spent in “costume fashion”. Games played daily…house, Avon Lady, beauty shop, school, and more…all involved dress-up.


Hats, purses, jewelry; it all fit. A lovely 1960s-70s chiffon peignoir set always made a lovely princess dress (thanks Mom). Sneaking in my sister’s closets made me feel like the grown up girls (sorry to my sisters!!!).b22fff41461519968e59272fa7199ea0--fashion-quotes-nuest-jr

Halloween was rarely about being “cute” for me. It was about being “pretty”. Now before anyone begins to think I am writing about the distorted perception of beauty, or a similar topic. I am talking more about the innocence and fun. Pretty hair, clothes, and fun!

As I got older, clothing in general seemed to become boring. I was shy, VERY shy (who’s surprised…some of you know this!) For awhile, I just chose to fit in so to speak. I bought the trends, wore the same things as everyone else. I still had my fun though!


As time went on, I developed a style I could be confident with, and still be unique. Much of it was simple, but still was able to show off my passions. Vintage purses and jewelry. A funky eclectic handbag with the jeans and t-shirt. Or the statement necklace and a little sundress. Whatever it was…and well it sure was something!


Now fast forward. The collecting continued. Little finds here and there through the years. Hats, purses, clothing, and more! I have quite the collection.


Recently I started posting some pictures of some of my finds. Its been fun. This is something I am passionate about. Silly maybe, but having fun. I don’t go out much to wear any of it which is hysterical! Therefore, when I do go out, don’t be surprised if I am overdressed. I don’t care!
Boots, boots, BOOTS!!! Cowboy boots. Am I from Texas? Nope. Are they the style/trend? Sometimes. Are they comfortable? Absolutely! Do I love them…um duh! Just letting you know that this is my philosophy I guess with regards to clothing. If I like it I wear it. Modifications, alterations, adjustments…whatever needed, or just grab and go!

Hats! Jeep hair and I don’t care. Running? Day at the beach? Need the color touched up or a haircut? Football or Baseball game? Just because? Sure…it all works.


Some pieces no longer fit. Some I have given away or sold. Some shopping has even been for others. Let my friends have fun too!


So I am thinking…what next…I am excited to see what unfolds! Stay tuned!


P.S. Heading to the Flea Market this weekend. Pictures coming…


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