Next Up: Race Day

I race pretty regularly. Or lets say I “participate” in races regularly. It has been awhile since I have “raced”. Tomorrow (Sunday) is Pleasant Prairie Triathlon. I will be racing the International distance. Am I ready? Well….good question. Not really, but I will be fine. Am I racing? Yeah, I think so. May not be a PR, but getting this racing thing back on track has been a struggle.

Summer 2014, I was on the struggle bus. Decent races at the beginning of the season, but things got worse and worse. I was assuming allergies. In fact it was a series of things; and ending my season with a fungus in my lungs. Didn’t get to do my “A” race that I was training for, and it was tough to come back. I was grateful simply to know it WAS in fact an issue, and not just me.

2015 & 2016, I got back into it. Things were good. I was having fun. When I wasn’t feeling well, training, participating, none of it was fun anymore. I got back to it. I became a Certified Triathlon Coach and grew my business some more. I trained and traveled with friends to some other races. I even did my first marathon. I met a crew of new friends (my team, and many others), even some knew OMG crazy I didn’t know you sooner friends, rekindled with some old friends, and grew away from some others. I fought to get back to myself.

First 6 months of 2017, have been up and down. On track, off track, on track, and off again. Work is busy. Some things have been incredible. Life has been good to me. I am very fortunate in so many ways. I traveled a bit. Work has been busy. Parents are healthy. Yet things still sometimes fall apart. Often it is just me getting in my own way and questioning; other times, well who knows. Thats not what this is about.

I am grateful, so so grateful for what I have. An amazing support system, my health, my work, and my life.

Stay tuned for my post race recap…and more!


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