International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day commemorating the movement for women’s rights began in 1909, originally called International Working Women’s Day.  Since 1917 it has been celebrated on March 8 every year.

I am 43 years old, and I am still in the process of becoming the woman I am meant to be. Some find it quickly, many more struggle their entire lives to find it. I am so fortunate to love what I do professionally in the world (and I am damn good at it). I am grateful to have an incredible support team surrounding me that lift me up, and sometimes actually help me up. They hold me back too…when they need to. I have had the honor to be included in the lives of several families along the way too…relationships may have started though work/business/etc, but they became much deeper, and meaningful. I may not see them often, but we know 😉

I have had incredibly inspiring educators thought my life (even if I didn’t know so at the time!), and some are still there in my corner! Friends that I may not talk to much anymore, but would be like no time has gone by. Friends I talk to all the time but don’t see…and more…They too have helped me in becoming me.

My Team, of Badass & Beautiful Women. Fierce and friendly. Some near, many far…What does it mean to “be a Betty”? Look at anyone on my team…everyone has a story. From Kristin Mayer, designer and founder of Betty Designs, to some of the original team members, to some that are new this year…I have a home with them too! I can laugh and cry. Share stories, or just be… Thank you beautiful ladies, from the bottom of my heart. You help me to be, me. Unknown
Successful and failed relationships. Loving and disappointing. Affectionate and life altering. Balancing and crushing. It takes them all sometimes, and more. To also help me to become me….

I am on a journey. I am glad to have all of this with me. Every last bit of it. (ok, a couple of things I can leave out ha!)we_r_all_wonderwomen_sm

Women have not always been recognized for the impact made around the world. Scientists, musicians, politicians, humanitarians, athletes,  doctors, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, and of course something every woman is, daughter; and what every woman comes from, Mom.

Today, I am recognizing MY Mom.

She is Mrs. Visovatti, Mom Viz, MJ, Mary Jane, wife, Grandma, and Mom. She is kind. She is smart. She is witty. She is funny. She is sarcastic. She swears. She doesn’t drive outside of her bubble, but she can. She won’t fill up her own gas tank, but she can. She no longer vacuums, because Dad does. She is little, yet strong. She is quiet, but fierce. She is genuine, kind, and loving. She is the matriarch of our little tribe (she would laugh at this). She is my best friend. She is my Mom.

Mom was married shortly after high school. Not long later, had two daughters. Worked her butt off in school both academically and for her parents for years. Then later when raising her older daughters. Eventually met my father, and married. It was then her time to take a break. She helped Dad build a business, and had me. Sometime when I was just out of college, Mom came home and said she got a job. She has been working ever since.

Mom & Dad can’t leave the house separately without kissing each other goodbye. They grocery shop together. They look after each other. They live for each other. They love their daughters and granddaughters, and of course their cats.

There is so much more to this love story. So much more to HER story. I am just not the person to tell it.

I just thank her for every day for not just being my mother, but for being my MOM. Life has never been easy…but I think she believes it has all been worth it.

Thank you Mom, for being the best female role model possible. Thank you Mom for always being there no matter what. From our Mommy & Me outfits you made, to you glamping with your hair piece and bell bottoms with my sisters. To all the laughs, tears, looks, smiles, shares and overshares…You are brave. You are grand. You are an original badass!

I celebrate all women today…but I celebrate you most of all, everyday. Thank you Mom for being at the beginning of my journey, and for continuing to guide me along the way. I love you Mom.


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