What a week…

Its Friday…finally (though I do work this weekend!) Highs, lows, and everywhere in between. To be honest I haven’t felt much like myself this week. Maybe last week too…

Hey! Not looking for any attention on the topic. Plenty of others need that much more than I do! For more reasons too!

I was just sitting here, after finishing my dinner (it was pretty good, sorry I didn’t share) and I was adding to some lists and creating a timeline of deadlines of things I need to get back to, need to finish, and even start! I was starting to beat myself up about it. I was thinking about the stress of the last 10 days (and really-not that bad, but it really got to me!) and I came across this (see inset). Originally, I saw it and saved it for some reason…and now seeing it again made me smile. It reminded me that all this “stuff” on my “lists” is all about things I love, that I am a part of, thimg_0774at I am doing because I WANT to. Sure some things I HAVE to do, in order to complete what I want to do…but ultimately I am CHOOSING to do these things. I am so fortunate to be living a life I love. To be surrounded on a daily basis by friends, family, people I work with, and clients, that I love. The people I work with, amazing.

I am going to get this girl back on track. Here we go! Must focus!


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