EveryBODY is a Betty

#EveryBODYisabetty means so much. A community campaign from my Betty Team. Many of us volunteer pretty regularly in our different communities; whether a local race, a shelter, a hospital, a training group, or anything! This campaign helps to remind us that everyone can do anything, be anything!

What an amazing reminder. I am proud to be a part of this team. So many wonderful women. Inspiring, smart, fun, beautiful, badass women!

Helping the Alzheimer’s Association Team AlzStars: Chicago Marathon charity team with their injury prevention and fun runs. Face painting with Girls On The Run. World Bike Relief. Various other events with training groups and races. So much spirit and inspiration from everyone I have encountered!

I have made the connection, over and over. My team is a group of women, from all over the world…and we have become like litter mates! Why can’t we all be like this? Shapes, sizes, backgrounds, finances, and more…we are all in this together!

Everybody IS a Betty
EveryBODY is a Betty

What does this mean? It means anything we want it to mean.

It all works…xoxo



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