Belated Post! Women for Tri: Chicago Triathlon

Women for Tri is an organization designed to break the barriers of entry for females into the world of triathlon.

Read more about the mission here:

Women For Tri

WFT is very active on social media, specifically with a Facebook group of over 19,000 members! The benefits are endless of this group. Women have a safe space to ask questions, meet others, and more. Questions range everywhere from if they should wear underwear with cycling shorts, to which race wheels they should use, and more!

This year some women were asked to be ambassadors. We each had races that we represented this amazing organization at the expos. I represented WFT for the Chicago Triathlon. We organized and hosted some events leading up to the race. Some of these events never completely got off the ground unfortunately, but I know they will next time.

We had some amazing ladies stop by our booth. Questions, comments, spreading the love, thanking us…so great!  We even hosted a shake out run after ladies racked their bikes in transition. It was a rather hot day, so it was more simple questions and answers, and a little jog…but fun! I also decided to do something a little different and I recorded some women and they told us “why they tri”.

WFT Chicago Triathlon Expo 2016

Now this is great too…two worlds meet! In addition to several of my Betty Designs teammates also being WFT Ambassadors; another has the opportunity to race in Kona at the Ironman World Championship in a few weeks. She will be representing WFT!!! She has been fundraising for the organization, and is headed to Kona soon! Betty designs is also doing something great to help out!

Right from the website!

For the month of September we’re supporting @WomenForTri by giving back $1 for each sale made in our online store at

Betty Designs

100% of the donations go back out the door for grants to tri clubs and scholarships to student/athletes. That’s badass!!

Women For Tri does not end at the finish line. We can be supportive by building each other up and helping each other out all year long.

I love this community!




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