Forty-Three & Two More Months

Guess what? Yup, I have been 43 for 2 months now. Or…

518 months old. Summer is wrapping up, and I am crazy busy with a full plate!

So, in 2 months…a few things have changed. I am really making a much better effort toward simplicity. I am not saying this will be with everything ha! I have been purging clothing, “supplies”, nostalgia, and more. Some things are being re-homed, others donated, and still other items are trash. I hope for this to be one of the pillars of my life so to speak.

I have also been working on a more serious look at my future self (and wow, she looks good! haha!) Seriously though, I have been fortunate to be able to live an active and healthy lifestyle, naturally for years. The last several years have been more focused. I will continue with this focus, and am developing a plan. Not just a training plan, but a true plan. Making some lifestyle modifications. Not that anything is bad…just want a blueprint.

I may not have the most adventurous lifestyle, but I do love my life. I am fortunate in so many ways. I have a good family, amazing and inspiring friends, incredible clients. I am good at what I do. I love my home, and the furry guys living there. I am truly blessed. Could there be more? Of course! Should there be? Why the heck not?!?!


Beach Day 9.5.16

What else? The usual…I love deep, and maybe too much. I am clumsy, and a possible danger to myself. I get in my own way regularly and hold myself back from potentially amazing things…because of fear. (and yes…see 43 at one month…same still holds true)

See you at the 3 month point for another update! I have turned myself into a case study haha!

Much love…xo

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