Season of Thanksgiving…

As Thanksgiving approaches, many are making holiday travel plans, creating menus, making guest lists, holiday shopping, and more. Sure I am doing some of this as well, but I really take this time to reflect. It is interesting as I have found several others in the last 2 days alone that do this too. Maybe its a “thing” maybe it should be. I am not trying to get political here or anything, that is not what this is about. This is about you, or me, or him, or her. Reflection of yourself. For me this is what I have done, what I feel, where I am, where I was, etc. Not where I want to be, or should be. Not what I have not done, or should be doing.

Part of the reason I like to reflect, is so my new year plan can have guidance of course, but also to be grateful for my growth and learning. To be thankful for those that have entered my life or supported me.

Through reflection comes self discovery. I am looking forward to this.

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