Guess what?!?!?

I am a member of Betty Designs, Team Betty 2016!

Betty Designs is a triathlon and cycling (and now some other great lifestyle and surfing/paddle) apparel company. Unique designs with a great fit. Be badass and feel beautiful! I will be sharing more about this wonderful company and the styles and people involved with it soon. Just wanted to make my announcement!

What does this mean???

I already wear Betty Designs quite a bit, but now I will wear the team race kit when doing my triathlons. I will also be sure to represent with my other races as well! I will be talking about the them and continuing to share my stories on social media. I am really looking forward to having being a Betty, as I feel I am ready to be Bad Ass & Beautiful!

Also there is a lot of pink, and skulls, and butterflies, and…they rock!!!

Thank you #BettyDesigns for choosing me to be a part of #teambetty2016!  xo

#BadAssIsBeautiful #teambetty2016

#BadAssIsBeautiful #teambetty2016

For more about Betty Designs and to join their mailing list…AND to order 😉

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