Winter Is Coming….

Packing away the summer clothes. Bringing the winter clothes up from storage. Planning an annual holiday “craft fair” shopping day with Mom. Making the Thanksgiving menu. Discussing Christmas plans. Registering for winter races and winter training groups. Running with my favorite peeps and Chicago Endurance Sports Winter Warriors. Registering for indoor cycling and even Master’s Swim. Where did the time go? It really is nearing the end of 2015. Now it is time to make some plans for 2016. Before we know it I will be unpacking the summer clothes, and packing up the winter!

Plans for 2016…business plan being revised, and growing. Professional life is as well. Personal life is fun. More to come in all areas. Race and training plans too. 2015 was a year of growth for me. A year of realization. Not without some heartache and growing pains. Looking forward to 2016. Nervous, anxious, excited, happy, and every combination in between! I am looking forward to it.

The year is not over yet though! I still need the time of course to prep and plan, and live!

Talk soon!

~ t

2015-08-12 15.33.32

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