Season of Thanksgiving…

As Thanksgiving approaches, many are making holiday travel plans, creating menus, making guest lists, holiday shopping, and more. Sure I am doing some of this as well, but I really take this time to reflect. It is interesting as I have found several others in the last 2 days alone that do this too. Maybe […]

Guess what?!?!?

I am a member of Betty Designs, Team Betty 2016! Betty Designs is a triathlon and cycling (and now some other great lifestyle and surfing/paddle) apparel company. Unique designs with a great fit. Be badass and feel beautiful! I will be sharing more about this wonderful company and the styles and people involved with it […]

Winter Is Coming….

Packing away the summer clothes. Bringing the winter clothes up from storage. Planning an annual holiday “craft fair” shopping day with Mom. Making the Thanksgiving menu. Discussing Christmas plans. Registering for winter races and winter training groups. Running with my favorite peeps and Chicago Endurance Sports Winter Warriors. Registering for indoor cycling and even Master’s […]