Race Day Recovery

Photo Credit: Mike Norman Chicago Endurance Sports; Race Day Resort 2013

One week post Chicago Marathon. Some of you ran. Maybe you visited Louisville and happened upon a 140.6. Maybe lucky enough even to head to Kona and race there. Maybe you are like me, are a bit more “behind the scenes”

Pre event, post event, injury recovery and prevention massage therapy is all so important. We have been slammed at UWC! We do what we can to get you to that start line, through to the finish, and back!

Many people try and schedule massage sessions the day of the marathon or the day after. I have to say this is not something I promote, especially if you are not already a client of ours and it is your first marathon. Many people will, and trust me, we could bring in some good money those days. We instead work a couple of events yearly.

Why would I turn clients away??? Am I crazy? Nope. Not sure how your body is going to react to running 26.2+ miles! Why would I put you at risk, or my practice? First of all, we need to let you begin to recover. The nervous system is in a sympathetic response as it believes you were trying to kill it by running that far (ha) then the conditions (wind, temperature, rain, etc) also are triggering responses. Endorphins have been released. Chafing, swelling, other muscle soreness, sensitivity, and spasms may be present; as well as numerous other fun things. Is your back hurting because of form, or is it because of dehydration, and now your kidneys are not cooperating? I can list many different issues, as well as plenty of people that are fine! I just suggest waiting a couple days, some folks are still not ready to receive the full benefits of massage therapy even then. Sometimes a couple of sessions may even be necessary to get you back on your feet.

Ultimately recovery can not be forced or rushed. Everyone is an individual, and what works for one may not for another;  recovery from each race can be different as well. Recovery needs to be built into the training plan as well as post race; not just with an injury. We ask a lot from our bodies, and we need to protect it so that when we request that it continue, it will cooperate. Listen to your body, and learn.

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