What Are Your Injuries Telling You About Your Life?

Earlier this year a fascinating study highlighted the importance of optimism and its correlation to the success of heart attack recovery.1 The study concluded that heart attack victims who displayed the most positive and optimistic outlooks were half as likely to suffer another heart attack, die, or require surgery in the four years after their […]

Why Do Muscles Feel Tight

The point of this is not to encourage you to NOT receive massage therapy, but to allow us to help you assess what is going on. Nice read! http://www.bettermovement.org/blog/2015/why-do-muscles-feel-tight

Wrapping Up the Year…

Wrapping Up the Year…

This was a light year for me with regards to racing. No major races or goals, more about fun, and getting back into it. Some was due to schedule constraints and some just getting healthy and staying there! The last couple of months of 2015 will bring me a couple of 5k races, maybe a […]

Race Day Recovery

One week post Chicago Marathon. Some of you ran. Maybe you visited Louisville and happened upon a 140.6. Maybe lucky enough even to head to Kona and race there. Maybe you are like me, are a bit more “behind the scenes” Pre event, post event, injury recovery and prevention massage therapy is all so important. […]