Coach Urban Well Chic (almost)

Back in April I applied to be accepted into the USAT (USA Triathlon) Level 1 Coaching Certification course. This was not a simple process. I had to submit a resume of experience and related practice, letters of recommendation, and answer a few “interview” style short answer questions. Then I was nervous waiting to hear…and I was accepted. Then July rolled around and the 2 day workshop was great! Next up, the EXAM. 6 weeks to complete. More nerves, some procrastination, so perfectionism…ok, all of my “flaws” came out of hiding I must admit. (A big THANKS to all that dealt with me!) I am not quite sure why this made me crazy. Part of it was I had a lot of other things going on, and working somewhat outside my comfort zone freaks me out a bit. It really does! I think a big part of this in particular is that it was something I wanted, that I wasn’t quite sure if I could get. I guess deep down I knew I would pass…but I haven’t been faced with “school” sorts of things for a very long time! I do not work well under pressure! Can you believe I am being this honest?!

Well…I PASSED. 😉 I know you knew I could do it. I know, that I knew I could do it…but still… haha!

What does this mean? Many people coach triathlon. Some are Certified coaches, some are not. This may matter to some, but it doesn’t have to. I deal with athletes all the time, some self coached, some have coaches. I help many get back to their sport after injury, work with them with recovery, and help improve performance. I am not sure yet what this means for me in the future. I am working that out now! A little coaching, some massage, and a few other things are going to be happening with Urban Wellness Chicago and Urban Well Chic too!

Now I have a couple other things I need to do and then I will be a USAT Level 1 Certified Coach. Will keep you posted! 🙂

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