image1Amy Lee Gonzalez is one of the fantastic massage therapists at Urban Wellness Chicago. She was a student of mine when I was still teaching in the diploma program at a massage therapy school. She was young and fresh and excited. She was an absolute sponge with everything, but still took the time to enjoy herself and the process. She was excited, and inspired…and still is! I was honored to bring her on to our team at UWC after she graduated, and continue to watch her grow! When we discussed the opportunity to come work in the office, I asked her why she wanted to work with Urban Wellness Chicago, she told me she “wanted to be a part of something”. What an impact that statement made on me; and continues to. When I think about the business and growth etc, I think about that very statement and what it means, and whatever it is that I am considering, and how that fits. I really enjoy having her around, as a friend and inspiration. I love being able to brainstorm ideas with her.

Prior to being welcomed into the world of Massage Therapy, Amy studied art in school. She is an artist and used to work primarily with portraits during her spare time. She found that a way to help better understand the human anatomy was to really be surrounded by it. Massage Therapy became this path. Her studies impacted her art tremendously, but it also opened her eyes to an entirely new way of looking at helping others at the same time she is helping herself.

Amy is a graduate of Cortiva Institute. Since graduating, she has increased her health, wellness, and body awareness. Having been a runner, she was inspired and gained the confidence to increase her distance, train, and run her first marathon! The Chicago Marathon 2012! She has since run Chicago a couple more times, and many other races. (You may even see her cycling around Chicago, hmmm maybe a triathlete in the making!) She loves the running community and is thrilled to be a part of it!AMy Shoes

Amy has also taken her art to another level, and then some. She has been involved with many area art shows, presenting her work in several mediums and styles; and has been quite successful selling her work! You may see some of her chalk work in local restaurants. Hopefully soon you will get to see some of her work at the office too! I often wonder…is there anything she can’t do? I will keep you posted!


Amy’s main life goals are to never stop learning, never stop exploring, never stop growing…

I wanted to make sure you have been properly introduced to Amy because I think she is fantastic!

Thank you Amy for being you!

Now to the business side of things…you can make an appointment with Amy most days and some evenings and weekends, based on availability of course. She can work (and work well) with the basic relaxation massage session to the more complicated injured athlete; and everything in between. Schedule a massage therapy appointment with one of the best today…do it…image3

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