Amy Lee Gonzalez is one of the fantastic massage therapists at Urban Wellness Chicago. She was a student of mine when I was still teaching in the diploma program at a massage therapy school. She was young and fresh and excited. She was an absolute sponge with everything, but still took the time to enjoy […]

Summer 2015

This summer was going to be a nice balance between training and a focus on business and professional development. I have not been totally slacking on the training, but not as much as I would like! Oh well… The professional development and business focus has been fun. I am working on a few business things […]

OUCH! Injuries- Prevention, Recovery, & Maintenance Part 1

Injuries…more specifically, sports injuries…suck. No sugar coating that fact here. Sure, no injury is “fun”. Many injuries are accidental. Not saying that a sports injury can’t be accidental, but many are preventable.  If you fall down when running and bang your knee, sure your knee is likely going to hurt. What happens if you go […]