Back to it…a little.

June 21…my first triathlon since July 2014 (and that was’t pretty!)

Pleasant Prairie Triathlon. My favorite (so far). This was my first race several years ago (sprint distance) and I have returned each year. This year I planned to do the International distance, like the last couple of years. I decided to race Sprint instead. I was a bit anxious in general. Not because of my fitness level, though I am still building; more due to a tendon issue I am nursing. I decided I wanted a good race, instead of just “a race”.

Great day. Great weather. I got to see many of my tri friends. It was Father’s Day, and of course Dad came.

I did not break any land speed records of course; though if I actually was “racing” during transitions…. My transitions were pathetic, often are. I think I take less time to get dressed in the morning than I take during transition. It’s ok. I was taking it all in.

It felt good. It feels good. I had fun, because it is fun…I am making my way back!

IMG_3883 IMG_3884

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