Ahhhhh training…

When you are “training” and someone refers to what you are doing as “exercise” and say they exercise as well (and you KNOW what they mean is a yoga class, and speed walking a couple days a week while on the phone) how do you feel? Do you smile and move on? Do you correct them and explain the difference? Do you want to scratch their eyes out and maybe even rip out their throat? Do you? 

What does “training” mean to you? IS there a difference in your mind? Is one maybe an offshoot of a different level of the other?

I sometimes ponder this. 

Currently I am “training” as I am keeping track of things, but I really have no goal. I have no big races coming up for once, and only some fitness and to be honest, body image goals. I still look at what I do as training…I think. Ha! It feels good regardless. Training without a true end goal, is different. Less stressful. Sometimes though it is too easy to procrastinate. I am attempting to set up smaller goals; easy to achieve goals. I feel this may add some focus to the workouts. I am really enjoying it. I am at the point where I am bummed if I don’t even do a short run. I am not yet on target with some nutrition issues, but I guess I have time…or do I?

One goal…I am turning 42. It is safe to assume that this is happening whether I am on board or not. Soooo a goal is to feel great! (Maybe look good too? Is that to vain?) 

The overall goal…HAVE FUN! I think I have that covered already. 😎

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