Hello World…AGAIN!!!!!

Ahhhhhh…what’s up with you all? I have not heard from you in ages. Oh you say it is my fault? Really? Oh…I guess that it is. I was cheating on you a bit; busy, other blogs, other work stuff, life. I have missed you. Soooooo…..would you like an update?

Personally? Things are good. I had some issues last summer with training/health…long story. I am back at it though. No real specific goals. Which is perfect. I guess my guide is to feel good, and look like I feel good? I know this sounds a bit vain, so let me explain. Sometimes people can be in shape, be health, etc, but not have that “glow” so to speak. I want that. I want to have the good kind of exhausted feeling. I want to look how my body feels, which is happy when I do things. I lost that for awhile last training season. WIll save that explanation for another post…

Professionally? Things are moving along. I am focusing on more professional development this year. Creating and teaching some new workshops; and more! I am so excited to share so much with everyone! I am also expanding my professional foundation. Sure I am always taking classes, and doing things…that is just what I do when I find something that fits. I have been accepted to take the USA Triathlon Level 1 Coaching course, to become a Certified Tri Coach. This is not as “easy” as it sounds, one can not just sign up. I was actually pretty nervous that I would not be accepted. I was, yay! Of course I had some fantastic letters of recommendations. I am lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

Spring is here, and it is going to be a good one! See you soon!

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