Confession: Donuts are my weakness…

This past weekend was Easter. We are not very religious, but we do celebrate holidays. My parents came to my loft, and I made brunch. It is always nice to have them over.

Let me get to the point here… I used Easter as the excuse to buy a dozen-ish donuts from Glazed and Infused, across from my office. This donut place has grown in popularity with several locations throughout the city, and pop-up locations as well. The one near me is also open late night on weekends. These are NOT your typical donut (though I like those as well) but they are doughy heaven. The airy dough, the creamy center, the delish icing. Wow…it is a party.

My “diet” has been vegetarian for the last 20 years.  I still eat eggs and dairy. Currently I am no longer eating desserts or gluten during the week (gluten and dessert free-to focus on better food choices Sunday 4pm-Friday 4pm, and I really don’t over indulge-usually!)  I am pretty good once I put my mind to something.  I typically do not lack self-control.  I went to the store after seeing my morning clients on Saturday, and ordered a dozen dough rings of happiness (ok some cream filled) I of course had to have one then as well. Lemon cream filled, and I swear there was some vanilla involved. Gone in 60 seconds.

Sunday….I became a donut hoarder.  I was cutting them up to serve as “appetizers” and I suddenly did not want to share. I, of course did. I even gave my parents a few to take home.

Then they left. It was me, 4.5 donuts, large donuts, and it was getting close to 4pm. Well…let’s just say…I am recycling the box.

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