Diet? Healthier eating? Whatever it is, it is…A goal? A new habit? We shall see!

I have been a vegetarian (lacto/ovo-still eating eggs and dairy) for 20 years. To the best of my knowledge I have not cheated. Sometimes I am sure I have practiced “what I don’t know won’t hurt me” as with eating out. If I know it is made with chicken broth I will not eat it. I am sure however some things are not prepared the way I would hope for them to be.  

I generally eat pretty healthy, but lately I feel I have been a lazy eater at times (a pizza, or mac & cheese, or a sandwich)  Not a lot of thought going into some meals. Even a quick meal should have a bit more thought put into it. 

Since this is not a weight loss diet, or anything else, I am not feeling the need to further restrict myself from dairy, or salt, etc.  I also don’t want to limit myself even further at times then I already am.  

My goal, or habit, or whatever it is, I have not yet put a time limit on it.  I figure “we shall see”.  I am gluten free and dessert free from Sundays at 4pm until Fridays at 4pm.  Weekends I can have a pizza or dessert.  I am not a super indulgent person so it is not like I will go crazy! 

I have completed the first weekday portion of this. I survived haha! My meals were not anything super crazy, but thought out, and some made ahead of time. 

I am happy with my choice. Keep you posted!!! 

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