What Type of Sit-Up Best Isolates Ab Muscles? | Runner’s World & Running Times

There are so many options for those “six-pack abs” but finding something and sticking to it is the best bet. Then actually USING them.  They are there for a reason, they have a job.  The job is not just to look good in a bathing suit or your shirt to be tight.  They help your […]


This is the year… We hear this often from our friends and family. As one year ends, people look forward to the next.  Whether it is a relief to end one chapter, or looking forward to continuing a good year.  However people phrase it, it seems to be a “marker”.  For me, the start of […]

14 Foods You Should Cut From Your Diet | Yahoo! Health

14 Foods You Should Cut From Your Diet | Yahoo! Health.


Alright….NOW, I am back. I made some changes to this blog, and my life.  I will be updating some things.  Stay tuned.  I will actually release my Tri-Diary, and continue with it and much more etc!  See you soon….in fact the very next post in just a few minutes! Thanks! Terri