Warm Up With Cardio, Then Go To Weights. Right? Wrong.

So…no more excuses, try it! This is not a new concept physiologically speaking, just unfamiliar to many. Warm Up With Cardio, Then Go To Weights. Right? Wrong..

8 Best Supermarket Sweets

We all have cravings for a little something sweet…if an apple and peanut butter doesn’t do the trick, why not look into some of these  better choices.  None of these are “health food” but could be fun 🙂 8 Best Supermarket Sweets.

How Yoga Can Help Your Lower Back Pain | Active.com

Got pain? Why is it that so many people live for so long with pain, and do nothing.  Then, they finally seek help, they have surgery.  Often it is stated that well they were already in pain for so long they no longer wanted to wait.  Well I can understand the thought process, but if […]

The 6 Snacks You Should Eat Every Day

This was lovely to read…even if it is just letting me know my snacks I already eat are good!  Hmmmm where is that Klondike Bar?  😉 The 6 Snacks You Should Eat Every Day.

Healthy Nutrition Consultation

There is a variety of Nutrition Counseling help packages offered at Urban Wellness Chicago. Each appointment begins with a consult to find out what you are looking for, what methods will work, and what you would like to accomplish. This can be a general nutritional plan where you learn how to eat. · Learn how […]

Lose weight on your lunch break Workouts: self.com

Not enough time?  Try this! Lose weight on your lunch break Workouts: self.com.