Just a little bit more about me…

I have always been passionate about my work as a massage therapist. When I became an instructor of Massage, that passion grew to depths I have only begun to comprehend. I have interests in this field that are all over the place, so I am constantly challenging myself to draw connections. In some respects many therapists have already done this, I have too, but NOW I am acknowledging it. In the massage world, we are taught and encouraged to have an unconditional positive regard toward our clients. Why not have this with our practice of modalities as well. Bridging the gap is how I often refer to this thought. My vision is for massage and bodywork to grow, be accepted, and to be practiced in the manor in which other countries do.

Though I seem to work primarily with athletes, thats not all. I often work with those in need of injury management and care, those with repetitive strain and pain due to postural misalignment and overuse, as well as adolescents, Pre-natal clients, and much more. I look forward to working with you too!

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